Monday, July 2, 2012

Global Domination

Or at least that is what Brian always aimed for.  I on the other hand just strive to get blogger to accept my image at the highest rez.  as I can post.  Currently it has to be 300k and 1800 x 1600 best gotten through a jpg file.  
As you see I am currently working on a global theme for a client and so I shall post several backgrounds that they may or may not like.  They will not be uploading to blogger but will have their own site.  I shall however be giving away the backgrounds that will fit bloggers current specs. These will be found on my Flcker photostream so hope on over if you so choose and pick one up.  


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling Bubby Treats?

No,  I have just finished some graphics and thought I would show how they will look for my client.  She is a great antapanural Mom to be, who has started a fantastic Dog Treat business.  Working with her was great.  She knew exactly what she wanted and after a few email  exchanges, we came up with a sweet logo to brand her great product. Thanks to a quick trip to the Graphic Fairy who has tons of vintage images, she was able to pick some that she liked.  Using her choices and a few images that I had worked with in some earlier projects, I was able to pull elements from this one and that and combine them to create something brand new and special to her.  The result is as you see in this header and background.

Using CSS code

To get the header centered I pulled up the template and when to the editing selection when to the CSS section and used this
a img {margin-left:30px
This gave me just the right centering.


This often forgotten element of a blog, is a must for branding.  I have taken an element out of her design and just did a screen shot to capture it.  I ran it through photoshop to create a square format that is acceptable for the up load requirements and made sure that the file was less than 100kb.  The screen shot will be an extremely low resolution and makes it perfect for any one to choose an element out of their brand and create a Favicon of their choice. You can see the result in the http address in your browser.

In order to get a grab my button I had to use some basic html  the result is as below:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

teabonesbannerblue copy

Via Flickr:
This banner created in Photoshop CS2. Great for extra touches to your digital and photo projects. This image is available for purchase in png format. Png is a color image with clear background so just click and drag onto your digital projects.


Head on over to for a give away on some headers. Give Away ends tonight so check it out today. Leave a comment for your chance to win some great banners for your crafting projects.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here are my latest additions to my background and header collection.  I love Halloween and fall time.  I think it is the colors as well as a welcomed break from the heat of summer months.  Please give credit and link back if you use I would love to see your blog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rose Carter Backgrounds

Here for your use are the latest in my backgrounds and headers.  Hope you enjoy The header is 700 x 420 Pixels so on your Design setting and in the advanced selection to add CSS here is what you would add in: 
Then click apply to blog. 
You will want to up load the header from the Blogger Edit Layout page 

Select the shrink to fit and then save to blog.  Hope this helps in your artful creations to your blog.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rose card

Its always nice to have matching items. As I was creating the background for this blog it just seemed natural to create a card and envelope set. So here they are. The image shown here is the blank card. Left bare for you to address as you like. I have also included a card front that has in simple hand writing (Jane Austin Font) "Thinking of you) . Included is a matching envelope with lovely pink space for the placement of your intendeds address and one for your return address. Stop by Frogs Attic on etsy to view.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A rose is a rose

With as hot as it has been this summer it seems that blooms never stay.  These sweet rose blooms will endure even the hottest days and adorn your web site.  Enjoy.

This image is 795 pixels wide by 661 high