Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling Bubby Treats?

No,  I have just finished some graphics and thought I would show how they will look for my client.  She is a great antapanural Mom to be, who has started a fantastic Dog Treat business.  Working with her was great.  She knew exactly what she wanted and after a few email  exchanges, we came up with a sweet logo to brand her great product. Thanks to a quick trip to the Graphic Fairy who has tons of vintage images, she was able to pick some that she liked.  Using her choices and a few images that I had worked with in some earlier projects, I was able to pull elements from this one and that and combine them to create something brand new and special to her.  The result is as you see in this header and background.

Using CSS code

To get the header centered I pulled up the template and when to the editing selection when to the CSS section and used this
a img {margin-left:30px
This gave me just the right centering.


This often forgotten element of a blog, is a must for branding.  I have taken an element out of her design and just did a screen shot to capture it.  I ran it through photoshop to create a square format that is acceptable for the up load requirements and made sure that the file was less than 100kb.  The screen shot will be an extremely low resolution and makes it perfect for any one to choose an element out of their brand and create a Favicon of their choice. You can see the result in the http address in your browser.

In order to get a grab my button I had to use some basic html  the result is as below: